Work Life Balance

family freedom travel Sep 10, 2021

I have been on the journey of self-improvement for many years. I believe if you are not growing you are dying, and I know which I would rather be doing. But I guess most people’s question is “how do I create work life balance?” or at least that was mine. 

I was so used to working hard, training hard to get a result. None of that felt like work life balance, all of it was dedication and sacrifice and giving up things I loved. So at times I think I was developing a life full of things to do, a busy life, with not much spare time. Looking in from the outside someone would have probably said, “how do I create the work life balance you do?” However for me this did not feel like balance at all, I felt like I was on the run all the time, from this thing to the next. Never having time to take a breath until I was asleep. And even then sometimes I could be found hanging my washing out at 10pm at night holding my eyelids up with toothpicks.

So my husband told me one day that I was a little crazy and needed to learn balance. I said to him that I was “I go to yoga at least 3 times per week”.

 Alas, that was not what he meant.

So I ignored him and carried on, in the crazy chaotic way until I was stopped in my tracks with illness, I guess if I was not going to listen then the universe or whatever you wish to call that was going to teach me otherwise. 

So there I had to learn new ways, I survived through that and then had to make a new life. 

How do I create life balance? For me first and foremost is to stop creating a life I don’t want to be living, a life I am running from. Ensure that I am 100% in any area I am at that time. If I am with my daughter or husband I am 100% there, if I am working my business I am 100% there. I used to think I would run out of energy, now I know that is only because I was so torn with all I was doing. 

The other thing for me is to confront the monkey chatter in my head, regular personal development to ensure that I am not avoiding areas by being a workaholic or any other addiction. These are my steps, for creating work life balance. I will not say they are easy, but I will say they are worth it.