Why travelling matters to our family

Sep 13, 2021
Only a few weeks away from our trip to Thailand, it encourages me to reflect on all the other times we have travelled as a family! We love adventure!
We have been running an online business for the past 10 years, which has created outstanding flexibility in our weekly schedules. Unlike most people, we have plenty of time to plan experiences and connect as a family doing things we love. Still, there is something magical about getting away from home, exploring new places and expanding the way we view the world.
Here are good reasons why you should travel more often:
Get out of your comfort zone
The best way to make progress in life is by stepping out of our comfort zone. Being in unfamiliar territory with food you have never eaten before and perhaps not being able to say more than five words in the local language are just a few of the likely challenging scenarios that can be experienced when we travel. The good thing is a broad smile and a keen attitude go a long way. By putting yourself out there you open up the chances of getting to know places and connecting with people from different cultures. You not only get to have a better experience but ultimately you become a more confident and outgoing person in everyday life.
Become more aware and mindful
Immersing yourself in cultures different from yours gives you a broader perspective of life. The more we explore the more open aware and open minded we become. It is fascinating seeing how other people live and what brings them joy in their daily lives. You start appreciating your own life more and gives you the opportunity to appreciate and value the people around you. It will help you become a more acquainted person with a deeper understanding of yourself. 
If you have kids:
Spending Quality Time
Whoever your adventure companions may be, travelling is an inspiration to connect with each other and share experiences in a unique way. For families in particular, there is no rushing to get ready for school or to get another project done, you can simply relax and enjoy being with each other in a scenario that inspire adventure, with the irresistible invite for us to be the most fun and exciting version of ourselves. 
Time to Slow Down
Travelling with kids definitely makes us slow down and appreciate, which is actually a great thing. Instead of rushing from place to place trying to see and do everything, you get to enjoy each place you choose to go in a different way. Planning adventures factoring in our child's interests and needs, makes us enjoy travelling in an unhurried kind of way.
Meeting people and making friends
Travelling is a great opportunity to meet new people! The thing is, us adults can stand distant from other people for days minding our own business without ever starting a conversation! When you travel with kids, it is 10 times more likely you will engage with other families! Children are amazing ice breakers! They can be best friends with total strangers within 2 minutes. They just look at each other and they’re off playing like they knew each other before.
As a result, we end up meeting other interesting travellers we may never have had a conversation with, which can turn into life friendships or at the very least, the sharing of travel stories and tips.