Why I've chosen personal development as a way of living, and why you should too.

Sep 13, 2021
Imagine a situation where you are at the airport of a foreign city and as you line up to check in, you hear the announcement that your flight had a delay of 6 hours and no other earlier flight could be arranged.
Like all situations in life, your experience could go in various ways. Obviously, if you were about to miss your sister's wedding or something of such importance, you would probably feel very upset and frustrated. But otherwise, this unexpected event would likely be as good or as bad as you chose it to be.
And that is because life is, mostly, what we make it.
By being angry and dumping all your frustrations at the young airline desk attendant, you could for example completely miss coming in contact with the person who would have taken your business to the next level should they have had the chance to invite you for lunch before you started losing your temper and blinding yourself to your surroundings.
The moment you decide: well, how can I make this the best possible experience considering the circumstances? A whole world of possibility open up and you see life with a trusting and constructive mindset – the kind of atmosphere miracles enjoy operating in.
And that is the point here: Mindset - the way we choose to look at life - is the key to achieving everything.
Now, Im not saying here that every time something bad happens to you, some other amazing thing will happen straight away if you just keep calm. It is ok to demonstrate emotions. What is not ok is to let emotions dictate how you are going to deal with the obstacles you encounter.
The cancelled flight scenario was merely an illustration to say that at every moment, we have a decision to make about how we are going to move forward. People who tend to blame and complain quite often miss out on creating a propitious environment for positive experiences to happen and for life to flow.
And this is exactly where personal development fits in.
Personal development involves accepting responsibility for your life and taking conscious actions to improve it. It is not a technique or tool to make quick fixes, it is a way of life – the realisation that life expands in proportion to our ability to believe in ourselves and create our own reality.
For me it all started when my husband stumbled across a business model in the personal development industry. Even though I was already a person who set high standards for myself having reached high level performance as an athlete and built a successful corporate career, it was only when I had the chance to dig deep into my way of thinking – particularly regarding the ability to think outside traditional ways of creating success – that I decided to incorporate the personal development approach to everything I do.
In return, I have become a better person, a successful home-based business owner and a mentor. I strongly believe everyone should invest in personal development. Wether with time, money or both, investing in yourself is a great way to build self confidence, having a growth perspective to life situations and create the ability to take aligned action towards your dreams and projects.
There are infinite resources. And lack of time isn't an excuse these days. Listening to a 20 minute podcast or audio book while driving or when working out in the gym is a great way to use time efficiently whilst still learning.
Personal development education integrates all areas of life, including our relationships with other people, the way we talk and hold our bodies, our health and even our finances. When we shift our mindset, it reflects on everything - it is an investment in your growth, awareness, values and identity.
The reason why I've chosen to take this path as a lifestyle, as well as a business, is because I experienced real changes within myself and my family. I teach people how they can start their own journey of self-improvement and I also teach how they can start working for themselves inside this industry. When something excites you and makes you feel passionate towards life, sharing with others and seeing them experience their own growth is extremely rewarding.
Personal development is a way of living because a person should never stop growing.