What is your why?

Sep 13, 2021
The vast majority of people go to work day after day with no inspiration. Some may like their job, but very few actually love what they do. For a lot of people life became about getting one thing done after the other in order to make a living. And that is not only because work places are lacking truly inspiring leaders but also because people are not clear on WHY they do what they do. Whether you are an employee, a coach, a leader or an entrepreneur, knowing your why is what will guide you in finding clarity to be able to take your next move towards what you want to do or what you are already doing. Your WHY is what will create meaning in your work and life every single day. Even when you come across challenging obstacles. Your why is what fuels your actions and inspire you to persevere. A person who is very clear on their WHY not only gives their best in their current circumstances, but is also constantly striving for improvement. They don't settle for anything that will lead them away from their why purely because knowing it, enables them to decide if their actions and work choices are in alignment.
Having a reason why we do what we do goes beyond the need to make money to survive. Understanding our why enhances our ability to operate at our natural best. Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, said: If you don't define your purpose you end up falling into the trap of making a living instead of designing a life. He also said that “finding WHY is a process of discovery, not invention”. Therefore, it is ok not to know straight away. It isn't that obvious at first attempt. It is a process and it can be refined as you devote time to it and get to know yourself.
After going through your own discovery process, you will most likely realise that our why is often much bigger than ourselves. Because human beings need a sense of belonging and contributing in order to feel fulfilled. Sometimes we need to dig deep to discover the real source behind our motivation, our true 'why'.
So, wether you are about to start a new business or continue with a project you are already involved in, instead of focusing on a money goal (which of course is also important) try setting goals that add value. Start by clearly stating your objective. Make it a true exercise and be sure to write it down. This is valid for any goal you may have in life. Let's say you would like to lose weight. Ask yourself that very question “why”. You answer may be for example “So I can be more attractive and confident." Then you keep going on your exercise. “Why?” What would confidence do? "So I can be happier with myself and do things I know I'm capable of."
Your "why" exercise should be more articulated and take fewer or more "whys." The aim is to keep asking why until you arrive at your ultimate reason for pursuing your goal. Take your time with this practice and be patient. When you get your answer, use it as a reminder to yourself as to "why" you do the things you do. Return to it whenever you are low on motivation, or when you are struggling to see the results of your work. Revisit your "why" whenever you feel the need to. It is surprisingly powerful.
Plus, it is beyond just an exercise. It is a way of living. And it is particularly relevant if you are wanting to transform your mindset and the way you operate on a daily basis in order to be able to pursue a life you love and deserve. If you are looking for more in your life, if you are searching for a new direction, for happiness and prosperity, you will make much more sense of everything if you know the core reason you want all of that in the first place. When we know our why, we can live through any how.