Thoughts on Leadership

Sep 13, 2021
If you are in the Network Marketing industry you are probably aware that leadership plays a big part on your way to success. In any business environment really, wether you are an entrepreneur or the employee of someone's company, being able to confidently lead others can be a determinant factor in your relationship with the rest of the team and also in your ability to deliver your work effectively – even when your job description doesn't necessarily involve managing others.
Even though you will notice my focus on Network Marketing here – my field of expertise - frankly, learning to lead is actually a life skill we can use in any situation. A person who goes through life with the attitude of a true leader is able to relate to the world and challenges around them in a much more constructive way.
From where I stand today, I can see how leadership was not something I was just talented at. We usually picture leaders as an articulate person with a boss-like attitude who can speak well and persuade others. But while some can get away being good leaders having these characteristics before hand, for a great majority (including me) leadership is something to be discovered and developed.
To build your own organisation you need the people in your team to be active players. And this is true for all leaders whether it is a local corner store shop or a global business. Each person is an important piece of the puzzle and the way they are led causes a massive impact in the whole structure wether positive or not. As your team grows so will the need to have others leading – your leadership will serve as inspiration and you will create more leaders.
But how can we lead others when it doesn't come naturally to us?
First of all, just be honest. An honest person is relatable. You don't need to portrait perfection, pretend mastery or act from a place of superiority. Honesty is the right road to create trust. When I first started I couldn't use my success as a reference. All I had to rely on was my confidence in the decision I made to pursue this path and a true desire to help others who were searching for a better life.
As I started building a team, it was no different, it was very clear to me I had to lead from a place of honesty if I wanted long lasting success. Whether when answering questions, giving feedback or analysing someone else's result. Don't be afraid to be direct – people will appreciate you for it.
They will also want to know more about you and the reason why you do what you do. A leader is someone others will look up to and it's only natural for your team to want to know how you got to where you are at (even if you are only small steps ahead of them). Reflecting on it, I can say people wanted to know business, about the training, about the program with the same level of interest they wanted to know how a mother of a young child was making it possible for her family to quit the 9-5 lifestyle and work from home. So don't be afraid to tell your story. You will always serve as an inspiration to someone. Avoid looking outside yourself for ways to influence others. People want the full version and you will attract those who will relate to you and admire you.
I had to lead according to my own truths and on my own terms. From a core level that resides in a deeply-rooted space where my values speak of what is best. Leadership, like anything in life, is built on trial and error. You find your own way by doing it. You gain experience by risking and making mistakes. So my third piece of advice is to be ok with being a beginner at it.
Success has not much to do with skill. Skills are learnable. And yes, do focus on learning. There are excellent books on leadership out there. But the key to succeeding is being brave to put it in practice even when you don't think you can yet. So many people give up because they believe they lack the ability. But hey, ability comes from trying, again and again, isn't that what we teach our kids?
When we look at people the whole world admires like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos or Richard Branson we can see that they are very different people with distinct personalities; however, they do have in common significant qualities that define them as game changers and inspirational leaders in their own fields. And it isn't any different for us. A good leader is direct, honest, courageous, persistent and ultimately, they carry a genuine interest in seeing others being able to lead.