The thing a lot of successful people don't talk about

Sep 13, 2021
We all know it takes effort to be successful and that success doesn't happen overnight. But what a lot of people don't know is that, when we set a big goal and decide to go after it, it often gets messier before it gets more beautiful.
I can say from experience. My husband and I both had full-time jobs but after the birth of our daughter, we decided we wanted more from life. We did something a lot of people would find crazy. We quit our full-time jobs to start an online business.
The predictable happened. Like most business at the start, income was inconsistent. There were periods when we had nothing coming in the door. We went from being a couple who rarely had money issues, to having regular financial arguments. I feel it's very important to blog about this because it is something most entrepreneurs with big goals experience but only a few actually talk about it.
We started on this journey so we could be present parents. But who said working from home is a bed of roses? A young child doesn't quite understand you need to get things done. On the beginning we didn't have clear roles for ourselves inside the business either. Now, combine financial stress, parenthood, time management and relationship. For a lot of families this is a recipe for disaster!
I'm happy to say we held it together and confronted our limited and fearful thinking to come out the other side – but not before many disagreements on the best way forward for our family and for the business. The struggles are real and they can take even the most talented off track. Comments like “you are working too much” or “you are not working enough” were pretty common. Sometimes one of us would be scared while the other was ready to go. Things can get really messy! And they do!
Our business profited 800 thousand dollars last year which is a very impressive number comparing to what we used to earn as employees. We are living proof of what is possible to achieve if you persist. We didn't have any prior skills or a high initial investment. We most certainly had the dream and drive but we were a standard young family with all the domestic challenges majority of us go through.
Our successful formula happened after a lot of trial and error. The key has been sharing our goals and vision with our child and letting her know what her job was in our routine. “Right now your job is to let us get this done and we will all play together in the pool later on.” We learnt that the business had to come first, it had to be a priority otherwise we both would have had to go back to full time jobs earning a tenth of what we are making a year.
In the pursue of any worthwhile goal, you will feel you are going backwards before you start noticing any movement forward. That is going to happen. Be ok with it, manage it! For my husband and I, it has taken one of us to move forwards regardless, holding the big picture in mind and acting despite the difficulties. We both played that role at different times.
So if you have a vision, a dream, a goal and you are looking into getting started or if you are at the beginning of your journey, remember this: It will always get messier before it gets more beautiful. Persist, believe and never give up.