My chosen path to prosperity

Sep 13, 2021
A couple of weeks ago I published an article on LinkedIn to shed some light and fairness on the network marketing industry. I spoke about how this business model has been incredibly misunderstood and I shared my insights from 10 years of experience building my own success. If you haven't already, go and have a read.
In this blog, I would like to go beyond the overall scenario of network marketing and dive a bit deeper into the personal motives that led me to choose the company I am associated with as mine and my family's own path to prosperity. Network marketing is indeed a great way to build financial freedom, however each brand available in the market has their own unique aspects - meaning it is not a one model fits all kind of deal.
If you have ever searched for a work from home business opportunity, chances are you have come across hundreds of options. Truth is, there are thousands of companies that use network marketing as their main sales strategy, which isn't a surprise at all being such an effective way to get products distributed. Such effectiveness has made it much more profitable for companies to offer affiliate programs than to spend thousands on traditional marketing with small trackable return.
There is no doubt network marketing has been a game changer in the lives of those who value flexibility without compromising financial rewards. The tricky part is selecting one that suits you. Not only because there are so many (skincare, vitamins, essential oils, medical devices and plenty more) but also because it has to be something we really see ourselves consuming long term (passion!) to be able to sell it confidently to others. In my own journey when considering working from home to be a present mum to our young daughter, I actually started doubting if becoming a salesperson was something I could be good at. Like most people, I had my own reservations about this industry.
That was until my husband came across a company that ticked pretty much all the boxes for us and changed our perspective of what is possible to achieve when you select a brand, product and compensation plan that truly resonates with you.
Below are some of the main reasons why we selected the company we currently work with – I hope these can serve as a basic guidance for those in the process of making their own decision.
Attraction marketing
Some people are great at selling things to family and friends. I'm definitely not here to invalidate this strategy. But for me, I really didn't see myself approaching everyone I know and attempting selling them a large range of products or business opportunity.
Instead, I much rather speak to people who are already interested in what we are offering. The company we selected has taught us to leverage the internet and social media platforms utilising extremely effective advertising tools. Everything is done 100% online and this has been a big yes for us. We don't have to hassle people. Instead, people come to us wanting further information. We can also run our business without having to use our personal profiles which is absolutely great – posting photos of the same products on repeat has never been appealing to me.
Quality over quantity
It takes the same amount of effort to advertise a $20 product that it takes to advertise a $2000 product.
If you earn 70% commission and you advertise for an audience who is likely looking for what you offer, which product you rather sell?
Even though I was excited about running my own business and the financial possibilities in my hands, it took me a few months to actually have a grasp on the power of being affiliated with a company that offers high ticket products. But when I did, things skyrocketed. I started my business with the goal of making at least the same amount I used to make as an occupational therapist working full time and I ended up making nearly 10 times more (with business currently growing!). No words can describe the world of possibilities we have created for our family. The benefits go beyond making our own hours and working from home.
One time purchase
Most network marketing companies activate your compensation plan when you do your first purchase. But what I see happening with a lot of businesses owners out there is that they have to keep purchasing a certain amount each month (even if they don't need any more!) to be entitled for their commissions. I have seen people with cupboards full of products they can barely consume having to rely on random or discounted sales to get rid of it.
And frankly, I am also the type of person that enjoys trying new things. How could I possibly sell the idea I only use a certain range of products and encourage people to do the same when in reality I actually like using different brands of skincare, vitamins and oils from time to time? This was another strong reason for going with my choice. Our products are not day to day kind of products that you can get tired of.
Automation, automation, automation
I will never get tired of using this word. This has been the key element in the growth statistics of our company worldwide. Most companies have leaflets, brochures, classes and mindset training while the rest is up to you to figure out. But very few actually give you a step by step plan to plug into. This means we didn't need to be tech savvy or great at sales to succeed at this. We just needed the willingness to be coached and follow the training accordigly.
Transparency and positive impact
Let's be honest. Not many people can look at charts and numbers and say they get it. I have seen people in other affiliate marketing programs who are great at sharing about their products but when it comes down to sharing the business opportunity they struggle because they can't fully comprehend their own commission structure.
I'm happy to say that when I looked at our compensation offering, I not only knew exactly how I was going to get paid but I could already see the opportunity I had right in front of me without anyone having to convince me. Clarity made all the difference to our level of excitement – crucial in the life of any start up. I can't forget to mention our products are designed to transform people's quality of life which has been another big yes for us. Beyond making an income we wanted to be involved with a group of people that were doing good in the world.
I hope to have helped you in your journey to select a network marketing opportunity.
I have coached many people to success over the years and will be more than happy to share more details about our business model with you should you be interested.