Flowing with change

Sep 13, 2021
Change is the one constant in the world. Things are always changing. Whether unnoticeably and gradually, by choice or completely by surprise. Things are always moving, it’s the cycle of life. However, we often resist change and hang on to what no longer fits in with the life we want to live for pure fear of transformation.
The truth is the more we can get comfortable with everything being temporary, and in fact even taking action to consciously create flexibility in our lives, the more we will feel a sense of ease in our day to day.
After all we’re not the person we were 5 years ago, one month ago, not even last week and if you think carefully, nor would you want to be. But how to navigate through change and have the attitude needed to come out the other side?
Understand that with change there is always opportunity.
If we understand change is inevitable and part of life, we are halfway there. The other half is to acknowledge we are capable of turning situations around no matter how challenging they may be. It has a lot to do with self belief and the way we use our mind.
Let’s say you lost an amazing job opportunity and had to start working at a telemarketing company you had no excitement for. Pretty “bad” right? But what if this new scenario is exactly where you are going to meet your future business partner? What if the pay is much less for now but the lifestyle is much more, giving you time for the side hustle you always dreamed of starting? You get what I mean. We can’t label change as negative and start suffering for anticipation. There is always more than one way to look at situations. There is always an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to meet new people. But we will only see it if we carry with us this internal attitude: I welcome change because changing is the nature of all things. A door closes and another opens, always. Simpler said than done you may think. And it is! But again, the human mind can create incredible flexibility and endurance if we train it that way.
With this way of thinking, we start detaching our happiness from the outcome of our decisions.
Quiet often people are very aware of the things that have to change but are scared of the person they have to become in order to make it happen! This results in years holding on to relationships, jobs and habits that perhaps bring commodity and security, but not a sense of happiness! With the intention to choose what is best, nothing is ever chosen. However, happiness is not in choosing one thing over the other but in how we live inside whatever we choose. It doesn't really matter which way you go, it matters if your attitude towards your choices allow for life to flow in its natural ups and downs.
People often define themselves according to their circumstances, job titles, status and social position. And then when they lose a job, a relationship or have to downsize their house etc, then everything falls apart. But to be friends with change, we have to realise we are none of these things. They bring us comfort, pleasure and enjoyable moments but ultimately we are human beings in the world, sometimes winning, sometimes making mistakes and interacting with other fellow humans who are doing just the same.
When we detach ourselves from our circumstances we are much more able to turn things around. Sometimes it takes a worldwide pandemic to make us realise the simple truth: We may not always be in control of what happens but we are always in control of how we’re going to react.
We are free to feel angry, frustrated or excited but we need to learn to use the energy of our emotions to fuel constructive and positive actions.
Let’s say you didn’t make that life-changing sale you were expecting to make. Oh, by all means shout, cry, swear, do what you gotta do to express how you feel. Dealing with change doesn’t mean being emotionless. It is extremely important we allow ourselves time to sit with our feelings. Our emotions are natural and they quite often are the energy we will need to propel our mind towards what we want to create and experience next. Have in mind that when our emotions deplete us from our strength it often means there is something else to address. Check in with yourself to see if you are being honest about your motives to feel the way you are feeling.
It is very beneficial to step out of our heads and listen to what is going on inside. Stop and listen to the inner wisdom that we all innately have within us. Perhaps you were trying to prove something to someone with that sale you were going to make? Or perhaps you are actually tired of working in sales and all you truly wanted was to quit?
Work on your mindset. Instead of fighting against change, create a state of flow, flexibility and allowing.
Life is an amazing process, a journey full of bends and curves. Challenges and change will always arise, but a lot of our stress and fear comes from the resistance we create.
It can be liberating the more we can create a state of flow and allowance; being able to accept what is, and opening up to the new that is available to us if we create room for it. When we take a big leap of faith in life, life has a way of stepping in to support us for our courage.
If we find a door is closing, let’s look for the one that is opening, go through that and discover what is new, and all the fascinating possibilities available to us.
Change can be unsettling, and it may either cause fear or excitement, but regardless it’s guaranteed to happen, so the more we can work with it, rather than resist, the more freedom we will experience and connect with the natural flow of our life.
It’s all about the way we are choosing see things - our mindset!
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