Family Fitness

color colour family fitness fun thecolorrun Sep 10, 2021
I have been on the athletic, health and fitness journey for as long as I can remember. It all started with little athletics with my family. Off we would all go each week and weekend to run, jump, skip and throw our way to ribbons and medals along the way. I was really young however I think I learnt some great skills from these early athletic days about movement, vitality, dedication, commitment, sportsmanship, persistence and that we all have strengths and weaknesses.
What great lessons to learn. As I have gone on in my adult life I have continued to pursue sport and fitness with many sporting endeavours along the way. I sport; health, fitness and vitality have become passions. When I became a mum it was more evident that in todays society we really don’t get out enough, or run enough, or play enough. When I grew up we had things like little athletics yes, however we also played outside with our friend for the afternoon. Now this is happening less and less.
I have really reflected for me how can I ensure that my daughter and family are fit and healthy and understand the importance of this in having longevity.
I decided recently to sign us up for the Colour Run. I had never done the colour run before, and thought a 5km fun run would be an interesting challenge for our family, I also had no idea if Jasmine would be able to complete the course as that is a long way for little legs. However off we went, and as we got blasted with colour at each colour gate we all got more engaged. We had a ball of a time, and at the end Jasmine asked if we could do it again.
So what I learnt from that is the importance of family fitness, and fitness being fun for the family. We need to be the demonstration with our kids of how to lead a healthy life. I think that we cannot afford to leave these lessons to others to teach them.
There are so many activities we can engage in, and of course so many activities we can have kids be a part of. By far the most fulfilling for me has being engaging in health and fitness with my whole family. I look forward to creating many more experiences like this.