Do the work!

Sep 13, 2021
There is a simple truth in life a lot of people tend to forget: like attracts like, and you get what you focus on. Or the famous Law of Attraction if you prefer.
Now, my intention with this conversation is not to introduce some mystical and occult belief and tell you here that you can easily and effortlessly become the Prime Minister of Australia if you so desire. Not at all. It is merely a reminder that there has been so many studies and proven experiments on how energy and matter are related that is just hard to ignore the fact that we are indeed the creators of our own reality. In my experience of it, it has much more to do with us living life from a place of trust and responsibility, than us having to repeat in front of the mirror “I am the Prime Minister, I am the Prime Minister, I am the Prime Minister.”
Not that affirmations don't have their effect, don't get me wrong. I appreciate Mirror Work, 21 Days to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay - beautiful book. It's just that there is so much misunderstanding and blah blah blah when spirituality and personal development is concerned that I feel it's important to keep it simple and tangible so we don't forget that in order to attract what we want in life, we have to be willing to do the work. If you imagine it would take a fair bit of self belief, study and effort to acquire a high position in Politics, the same applies to anything in your life, wether you want to be successful in your business, have a loving relationship or invest well your money – it doesn't matter your goal, it will take your committed dedication to get there.
So the question to ask is: If like attracts like, who do you need to become in order to have what you want? Our commitment to life is the one special ingredient a lot of people miss. Reading books, attending events, going to healers, having a coach – none of it will have much effect it the person in question isn't willing to be accountable for their own progress. If we keep believing life happens at random and some people are just lucky, very little change will take place, if any.
If your goal is to have success in your business for example, does it make sense for you to work at it sporadically and spend your free time studying something else other than what is relevant to what you want? Can you imagine a very successful person waking up late, complaining the tasks in front of them are too hard and not being committed to their dreams? It's pretty much impossible, right? In order to obtain high level success, we need to cultivate other ways of being. If we are not happy with where we are at, it is not by remaining the person we are today that any change is going to be possible.
It seems so obvious when you read about it, but there is a great number of people wanting a different life but not willing to do anything different in their day to day or maybe doing just a little bit here and there. I would love to say here that thinking positive is the only answer and sorry if this is a bit disappointing: You gotta do the work too. Now, who said work needs to be hard? When you are in touch with what you truly want in life, doing what it takes can be surprisingly enjoyable. Specially if, in combination with doing all the practical tasks, you are also working on believing in yourself, using your words of affirmation to create a propitious environment and realising true success is more related to who you become than what you achieve during the process.
While there are many different ways to work on becoming a person apt to achieve what you want in life (books, mentors, courses, etc.), it will take a great deal of honesty with yourself first. You are the person who intimately knows what needs to change in your routine in order to start creating better results. For some people may be changing their diet for example, perhaps the way they eat is not supportive of having energy and feeling inspired. For others it may be not going to bed so late and waking up earlier, being more organised, spending less time on their phones, start exercising or even looking for professional help in some cases. There is so much that can be standing in your way but you are the only one who knows deep down. We all know but knowing isn't the answer. Action is.
What I can say for sure is that we will face challenges in any transition. But the rewards of doing the work exceed the difficulties. When you see yourself able to create what you want on a more consistent basis, when you realise you are as powerful as all the people you most admire, you actually become unstoppable. And not because you suddenly know all the answers but purely because you have the certainty they are accessible to those willing to seek.