Can money buy happiness?

Sep 13, 2021
We all need money, of course. And we all want it, whatever having it may represent for each of us. People have different beliefs around wealth and pursue it for varied reasons. While driving luxury cars and drinking fancy cocktails on far away islands is the perfect picture of happiness for some, others might have all of this and much more and still feel discontent in their day to day. It is complex to find an explanation for people's level of joy but it is clear that money and finances play a big part on most people's search for happiness and wellbeing.
Money can get us a lot of things, but does it make us happier?
A lot of people's quest for success is driven by a belief that their suffering will go away when they accumulate enough money. While it is true that having plenty of money eliminates a lot of the worries one has, money's impact on happiness is not as large as most people think. Specially if earning more money isn't aligned with personal growth in other areas of life. The reality is if we have clothes to wear, food to eat, and a roof over our head, increased disposable income will only have an influence on our sense of well-being if we recognise the core purpose of developing our earnings and align our actions accordingly. Once our basic needs are taken care of, the level of happiness we experience comes more from who we choose to be, than from how much wealth we are accumulating. And that is because happiness comes from within.
Being wealthy, in a more holistic perspective, is not only measured by money and possessions, but by how valuable our life is in terms of who we are as people, our emotional intelligence, what we think and how we contribute to the world around us. The most admirable wealthy people in the world are those who understand their value is greater than the amount of figures in their bank account. They understand that if we equate our worth to how much stuff we have, then we will always be noticing people who have more than us, and we will always be feeling that we don't measure up.
Having more money can definitely translate to a greater sense of accomplishment, peace of mind, security and more options. But these feelings increase greatly and make much more sense if our ambition to grow rich is connected to a bigger picture. When we set out to cause a positive impact, money has a greater purpose, therefore it can create a more long lasting sense of happiness and wellbeing. The connection between happiness and money is more associated with who we become in the process of our growth, personal and financial. There a lot of people who don't have a lot and are very happy as well as people who have millions and still feel empty and depressed. And that is because money can only bring happiness if we allow it to.
We are much happier when we look at situations without attachment. When we understand that we are not a victim of our circumstances and when we realise our power to transform our reality, our worries diminish a great deal. Most of our happiness comes from how we choose to look at our world, how we treat people and our environment and how we treat ourselves - it is much more related to what we choose to think as supposed to our status and what we have.
When a human being has the ability to show up in the world from a place of surrender, not conditioning their happiness to outcomes and destinations but rather to the journey and moments, they can't help but feel much more at peace. Money is enjoyed at a much higher level. Having a prolific way of being and thinking will often allow people to reach a 6, 7 or 8 figures income with much more chance of feeling content, happy and fulfilled. When pursuing wealth goes hand in hand with pursuing personal growth, the happiness inside us manifests with much more ease. So really, if happiness comes from within, money cannot really buy happiness. But not because happiness doesn’t have a price, but rather because we cannot purchase something that already belongs to us.