Being a mumprenuer

chile family freedom mumprenuer south america travel uruguay Sep 10, 2021
We recently took a trip over to Chile and Uruguay to explore South America and a new part of the world that I have never been before. I took my husband and daughter Jasmine along with me. Being a mumprenuer has allowed me all of this and so much more.
It is amazing some of the experiences I have been able to create for my family on this path. It took courage to step away from the 9-5. But for me family is so important, you just don’t get time back. So I was brave enough to go down a unchartered path for myself.
When I had Jasmine being a mumprenuer seemed to be the only next option, not that I really knew what that meant at the time.
Prior to having my daughter I was successful in my career and really had no idea what it would be like to be a mum. I thought this was going to be a transition where I would keep going with all my other goals, and adjust my time to suit. Little did I know that after Jasmine all my priorities would change. I wanted to be with my baby girl, still needed something that would allow me to have a successful outlet in terms of career. That is when I discovered being a mumpreneur.
This can be an interesting ride and certainly has been for me. I have learnt to become very organised (more than I was before), pre plan, use the nooks and crannies of time wherever they are, becoming the best negotiator of time, a better communicator, focussed on my why and my goals.
Now most of these skills I was using before, but they have grown to a new level. Oh and yes I forgot to mention as a mumpreneur I have developed more patience, compassion and tolerance than ever before.
I think for me this is the most rewarding and challenging path to go down as I get to take my family on the growth journey with me all the way. However I would not have it any other way.
The way I see it is, that you either sell you time for money to someone else, or you do it for yourself.