Are you living a life you love?

Sep 13, 2021
Living a better life doesn't mean working harder at preventing obstacles and difficult situations. Challenges will always exist, it's unavoidable! To experience true quality of life, we rather work at shifting our mindset to be able to break through to creating a bolder, better vision for ourselves.
I talk to people from all walks of life on a daily basis in my business. It is quite impressive the amount of people who have stopped seeing themselves as deserving or capable of living their most daring dreams. Quite a large number seem to have actually stopped dreaming. They have set the ceiling so low that choosing “safe and ordinary” over “risky and extraordinary” is the main way to go about life. Even though we all have our reasons to feel a certain way, we also have a ton of other reasons to expand our minds to what is possible.
While difficult times do makes us stronger, there are definitely unnecessary struggles and situations we can avoid if we simply begin with pursuing a path and a way of living we actually enjoy.
There is a quote by Jim Carrey that says: You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance at what you love.
Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are hungry for more in your life:
What are three things that you absolutely love doing that you are ignoring in your life right now?
When you can think of three things, try and make room in your life for them. Avoid getting caught up in settling for fourth-best. When we live majority of our days doing something we dislike, we get home with very little enthusiasm to work towards what truly makes us happy. We stop imagining and dreaming, and begin to settle. Settling for less is a big mistake.
You might not be able to immediately quit a job you don't like but you can definitely start by doing things you love that aren't necessarily work-related.
By doing things we love we feel much more fulfilled and consequently, much more inspired to take action towards making changes.
What are you willing to miss short-term in order to reap quality, long term wins?
Throughout the years I have learned that to get to where I truly wanted to be, I absolutely had to take some chances.
Going after dreams doesn't mean immediate success either. You will fail and make mistakes, and most likely start questioning yourself. But when we operate off strong values and a strong faith in our purpose, we are built to last. You can survive the short-term losses when you know that they always lead to long-term gains.
Are you playing too small?
Playing conservatively is a good idea in many occasions. It’s not necessarily a bad piece of advice for a particular phase we might be going through or perhaps even with our finances, sometimes. Attempting to eliminate fear through a conservative approach only ends up maintaining or building your fear to a bigger level.
Why spend so many hours of your day doing something you don't like? For money? This is no longer an excuse! In case you aren't aware, the world has changed dramatically in the past two decades. The emergence of the Internet has been a total game-changer for both personal and business ventures. You can start your own business over a weekend these days. And the potential for growth is incredible! It makes no sense to work 40hrs each week for a yearly salary amount you could be earning in a few months by putting all your love and energy into something that inspire you!
Greater results start with greater goals. Allow yourself to dream big!
What is the ultimate goal?
Your biggest dreams become reality when you start getting specific about what it is you want. Ask yourself this question and try to go deeper with your answers. Ultimately, all the things we desire are attached to a certain way we want to feel when we finally get it. Everything becomes more real when we get clear on our purpose. That is why is so important to treat life as a precious opportunity.
We are a product of the way we think. So start believing you can create a life you love – it is the very first step towards a happy life, and perhaps the most important.