Hi, my name is Alison Wheeler.

I am a wife, mother and successful business women. I live on the Gold Coast, Australia originally from New Zealand. I was a successful career woman working as a contracting Occupational Therapist.  


I have always been a high level athlete. I have competed at national level in rowing and Olympic Weightlifting. I have also competed for some time in crossfit. This has meant a lot of hard work and dedication, training twice a day most of the time and waking up and training before the sun came up until the sun came down.


I like to be good at what I do and I like to succeed. I love a challenge and figuring out how things work, mastering the skills and then taking my results to the next level.


I have been in the army, and to university completing a health degree, and diploma in sport science. 

I enjoy education. So you could say I love to learn. I am passionate about becoming successful at whatever I apply myself to and health is a huge motivation. This takes lots of sacrifices, I have not been the party person, or the eat chocolate person because my results were way more important than a quick fix. I have been the clean eating, dedicated, hard working person that humbly works toward my goals. 


I have had heartaches, injuries and illness along the journey which have always lead me on a new path of discovery and searching for answers. I have overcome many set backs – torn Achilles tendons, anorexia, back injuries, and most recently a blood infection that nearly saw me dead.

I am so glad I have a focussed mind and have a lot to live for, so I could get through all of those and say I am still here and still succeeding.


There are things that are really important to me and I wanted to ensure I could have them all as part of my life and my families.


They were great healthy whole clean food, exercise, adventure, life experiences, financial success, growth and education and quality time with the one's I love. I am not a keeping up with the Jones's kinda gal. The other thing that was important to me was to create security for my family and myself. However in order to have all those things in my life that would require a very flexible schedule and awesome income to boot. For me one thing I value is choices.

I do not want to live a life where they are taken away or dictated to me by others. I have not liked this from a very young age, which meant I really grew up being the black sheep of the family. I always strived to be the best, do my best and push the limits of whatever I did.

School bored me to tears, so did a 9-5 job (that system seemed too antiquated to me, selling my time for money. Someone else saying what I am worth).



Becoming a mum was the turning point. Mucking around in a standard job, with good pay and no time was no longer going to cut it. I needed something that would allow me to map my career and sporting success over, so I could be a successful mum and still be a success in my career.  I really had to find something that I could live to my values, create an awesome life for myself and my family, cast away the normal thing most people do and have their kids raised in day-care doing a job they hate.

NO THANKS, NOT FOR ME So that is what I did, I went looking (or my husband did).

With this business I work from home and never have to be at the beck and call of someone else. I can put my family and my career first plus have the energy and time for both. I also get the opportunity to help many other parents do the same.


I can be the demonstration to my daughter of how to create success and a great life. NO BOSS, MY SCHEDULE AND ON PURPOSE. Initially this was a huge leap for me to be honest I was a bit scared. To branch out into something totally new with a new baby as well. It seemed crazy to me at the time but the desire I had to have a better life was stronger than the fear.


I knew that I had created success in many areas and I knew I worked hard. So I was sure I could learn the rest. So now I get to choose.

I live life on my terms. I create my own time, my own income. No frills just a real wholesome great life just like me. That's' the freedom of choice without sacrifices.


Won numerous Medals for Rowing in New Zealand

National Champion for Olympic Weightlifting

Lover of Crossfit, Swimming & a range of other sports

Born and Bred in New Zealand

Favourite Books

The Alchemist,

Born to run

You can heal your life

The Celestine Prophecy

The five love languages

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People